Barbagann Game Studios started off in July 2010 with one aim, to compete for the GameZing XNA Competition. We are all students at St. Martins Institute of IT studying for the University of London BSc Creative Computing degree.

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About the Team Name

Our team name, Barbagann Game Studios has a history behind it. We were originally named Team B for the competition, so we wanted to come up with something that starts with B. We were going to be working on the game on a part-time basis, so Duncan Mercieca came up with the name Barbagann Game Studios, one of the reasons being, that a Barbagann (Barn Owl) hunts during the night and sleeps during the day, we, however will be coding during the night and most probably sleeping at work!

About the Game

When we met to discuss what game we will be creating, we only knew that it had to have an educational aspect. Malta. At this time we all agreed on doing a game which is fun, easy to play yet hard do master, educational and addictive. Being a country with rich history was a perfect scene for an educational game. We took the era of the Knights of St. John during their stay in Malta and tried to come up with an interesting game idea. We all seemed to agree on a Pirate based game, related with Malta. And that's how the idea of Battles on the Horizon evolved.

Competitions and Awards

Our first game, Battles on the Horizon claimed 2nd prize at the Game Development Challenge organized by St. Martins Institute of IT and also managed to grab a 2nd Place at the GameZing Digital Games Production National Competition.

Our second, Scarfish, also claimed 2nd place at GameZing 2011 as well as an Honourable Mention that day, from Dr. Vince Briffa. We also managed to snap 3rd place at St. Martins Game Development Challenge.

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